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Umia Sports signs a deal with IBC Academy

Umia Sports and IBC Academy have signed a deal to help our clients to develop their skills and gain exposure with this impressive tool.

PJ Argachal, CEO of IBC Academy, and Quim Gómez, sports director of Umia

IBC Academy is a very innovative company formed by coaches and video scouters with experience with the National Federations of Spain or Brazil, that have designed the E-Report, an application that will describe the skills and mentality of players through video analysis and will be a very important tool to let European coaches know talented but unknown international players.

IBC Academy will provide to all of our players and teams information of the E-Report product in a conference and will give the chance to get this personalized tool.

We are very happy to sign this deal and we are very sure that it will be a very interesting collaboration for us and for our players. We will work on it!

Check the IBC Academy whole information in

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