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Visiting Badalona to play against Joventut

At first sight, a great arena like the historic Palau Olimpic should impressed to our players, but, fortunately, they came to Badalona to play basketball against a great team as Joventut Badalona, one of the biggest farms of basketball players all across Europe, without nerves and showing some moments of very good basketball.

Our select team, composed by 13 players under the coaching of Esteban Martín, Laimonas Eglinskas and Cristóbal Lindo, exposed very good skills to the attentive look of some managers and agents moved to Badalona in a game full of equity for more than 30 minutes, except a 2nd quarter that was dominated for the Liga Endesa team. The final result was Divina Seguros Joventut 59 - Umia Select Team 52.

From left to right: Laimonas Eglinskas, Mustapha Barro, Anthony Walker, Felipe Cardoso, Victor Demetrio, Leo Demetrio, Kadhim Fall, Cristóbal Lindo, Esteban Martín. Albert Prior, Pablo Pérez, Henrique Coelho, Danilo Fuzaro, Alex Navas, Gerard Blat, Joel Tshilumbu

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